BIRD Document Egnine

Optimized for unstructured data analytics – performs log or any other unstructured document analytics in much faster and optimized way.

Full text search – A full text search on data to quickly understand your underlying data. User search results as a data source to perform analytics.

Mashup layer

Do not leave your legacy systems for analytics – BIRD has more than 50+ connectors for the regular data sources such as CRM, Big Data, Web, real-stream and the structured DB sources. However, even if you have legacy system for which it is impossible to find a connector on market, we can build it in 3-days due to the flexibility in our architecture.

Easy Breezy Mashup – Join multiple data sources and fuse the data in an intelligent and intuitive way.

A virtual data lake which gives you a single source of truth to perform analytics

Visualization layer

80+ out of the box visualizations, drilldown capabilities even on summary tables. Advanced analytics such as forecast and predictive models.

Enterprise ready – Share your storyboards with any user across the organization without compromising data security. BIRD enables users to restrict data access on multiple attributes right from the UI while sharing the storyboards

Intuitive and flexible UI layer to customize to your needs

Insight layer

Sanity Checks on data before running the model to provide actionable and trustworthy insights

Do the rootcause analysis with the flexibility to drilldown and compare across key features, view or exclude outliers and features where ever needed.

Generate automated insight on billions of records across multiple data sources in seconds

Ingestion layer

50+ connectors available out of the box. The connectors are available for almost all the regular data sources and types such as bigdata sources, realstream, columnar data bases, flat files, web connectors etc.

Ability to write a new connector in less than 3-days. One of such examples is writing a custom connector to a legacy database Progress 4GL for one of our banking customer.

Transformation code can be written part of the connectors without compromising on speed.