BIRD Document Engine

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Speed Can process 100,000 rows/sec on a single node, a feat no other BI product can achieve right now. Perform analytics on petabytes of data without having to go for a long coffee break. Time Spend your time where the insight is – No more cubes/oltp servers, aggregations required to run analytics at speed. Spend your time on the performing analytics and deriving insights. Performance Tuning performance in every aspect – Be in disk size optimization or vectorized query execution, the system is tuned in every possible aspect. This gives […]

BIRD Real-Stream Analytics

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Do live data analytics from your social media/IOT devices on a single BI platform. BIRD built on a powerful architecture, can process more than 50,000 transactions per second on single server. Realstream analytics is increasingly being used in real-time fraud detection, preventive maintenance of devices, asset tracking, and location based customer targeting to name a few. Push Mechanism to drive real-time analytics BIRD uses both pull and push mechanisms. Push is a mechanism where any change on the server side is automatically pushed onto the client side resulting in realtime […]

Discover and Predict on all your data sources


Mashup Enterprise teams all over always struggled to create the single source of truth with 10s of disparate sources. With BIRD’s mashup engine, it is easier than ever for any user, literally any user, to get insight on top of all your enterprise data. Users can simply drag and drop the tables from different data sources to intuitively create a data model spanning across the entire data sources. Discover There is no need for a data analyst to spend time creating hierarchies. With BIRD, a business user has the flexibility […]