Enterprise teams all over always struggled to create the single source of truth with 10s of disparate sources. With BIRD’s mashup engine, it is easier than ever for any user, literally any user, to get insight on top of all your enterprise data.

Users can simply drag and drop the tables from different data sources to intuitively create a data model spanning across the entire data sources.


There is no need for a data analyst to spend time creating hierarchies. With BIRD, a business user has the flexibility to drill down the data to its ‘n’th level without having to wait on your analyst to create new reports.

The Google like search using our Natural Language Processing engine is intuitive to create complex queries.

More than 80 visualizations with advanced ones such as heat-maps, geocoding, scatter plots, and others.

Perform Advanced analytics on data with custom fields, pivot tables and summary tables.


An insight that ensures validity or start working on your key lead indicators BIRD insight engine works on ML models that run extensive data sanity checks before generating the insights.

Know your lead indicators that truly impact your KPIs and start working on them. Compare and drill-down further to find your real insight.

Learn about your underlying data in simple metrics before taking decisions.

Perform a “what if” analysis on the lead indicators to predict the KPI performance