About the customer

A technology product company, offered its highly rated resource planning software to about 120 customers spread across USA, Canada and Europe. Featured by Gartner and with significant presence in the Retail, Manufacturing, Energy and Healthcare sectors, the company rode a growth wave for about 10 years.


Things changed very quickly when its customers started getting offers from other vendors who showed greater ability to mine data, derive insights and provide actionable intelligence. These capabilities were not part of this company’s product suite.

Building these modules in-house meant increased time-to-market and significant investment. Using any of the available third-party Business Intelligence tools meant high total cost of ownership for its customers, as well as potential dilution of its own brand.


This company needed a way to quickly offer what its customers wanted. This meant the offering

  • needed to have flexibility in features to cater to its varied client base,
  • needed to deliver high performance especially since some of its customers handled large volume, real-time data and
  • be very easy to support and maintain. Importantly, the economics had to work out, both for the tech company and its customers.


The Company decided to embed BIRD Analytics into its tech solution. With its strong Big Data architecture, full-stack platform capabilities and ability to process thousands of columns of data, BIRD Analytics made it easy for the company to transition to a new solution stack in a matter of weeks.

The integrated solution – retaining the tech company’s brand – catered to every customer’s needs: from data preparation to visualisation to real-time advanced analytics using advanced ML models.